Special Education Spotlight On: Mary Winters, Central Elementary, South Putnam Community School Corporation.
Mary Winters has been in education for 22 years. She is currently a special education teacher at Central Elementary, in the South Putnam Community School Corporation and holds a teaching degree from Marian University in Indianapolis.
Mary and her husband Brad have known each other since Kindergarten, and have been married for 22 years. They have three children, Eric, Beverly, and Sarah. She went on to share that they have 6 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit, a turtle, and a fish!
“Experiencing the ‘ah ha’ moment of a child, there is nothing like watching it ‘click’!” is what Mary loves the most about being in education. Mary shared that she and her husband Brad were discussing school, and he made the comment that coming to school was like opening a box of chocolates (special thanks to Forest Gump). “Yes, it really is! We never know what we are going to get but we need to have compassion and a box of tricks to take it on.”
Mary’s favorite quote is from her ultimate favorite movie, The Sound of Music, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”
If she could be any superhero to be, she said she would be “ Mrs. Incredible, so I can stretch myself to complete all the tasks I have to do!”
Mary shared that a little-known fact about her is that she is a certified scuba diver and pistol instructor.
Old National Trail and South Putnam Community School Corporation are very appreciative of the work Mary does with her small students at Central Elementary! Congratulations, Mary, for being our Spotlight Teacher of The Week!